Monday, 17 October 2016


Alright for this new post, i wish to use english as i think probably there are lots of visitors or perhaps foreigners who wish to know a little much on few interesting places all around the world. 
Here we go first with somehow my definition of paradise that i really wish to step into, The Manukan Island located in district of Sabah, Malaysia. For your information, yes i am a citizen of Malaysia proudly but yes again i have never visited this sceneric place for even once in my life. It has always been my wishlist to be here in this luxury private island. YUP again i repeat, this place is considered as a private place but no worries there is a resort namely, The Manukan Island Resort This opened for tourists. This serene resort retreat offers exquisite accommodation, sophisticated cuisine and unparalleled watersport activities in one of the most pristine corner of the world. 
The Manukan Island Resort located near Kota Kinabalu City is a hideaway that is one of the five tropical islands that comprise the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. Not to forget, Manukan Island is also surrounded by a protected coral reef, and the island boasts a pristine rainforest and beautiful white sand beaches.
From the moment you arrive at Manukan, greeted by our friendly Sabahan staff, you will completely be immersed in the peace and tranquility of the natural beauty of tropical island life. Awhhh i wish i could feel my feet steeped through the silver clear sand of Manukan island for once in my life!

Welcome to Paradise!

manukan resort                                           
Cebu, Filipina

Here we go with this second destination of desired places from the world map. Do you know that you could take a selfie or even selca with the whaleshark here????? YES YOU CAN! never cross your imagination right? but yeah feel brave enough huh?/ hahhaha 
For those who are waterphobic, do not hesitate to include CEBU in your list of places to visit as you may be shocked by many other non-water based places here! This includes Osmena Peak, Dalaguete,Cebu. You could browse for information on this place btw because honestly the only thing that captured my heart all about cebu is only its sceneric island. Not to forget, there is also zipline activity for adults to try! oh damn its for sure going to be one in a lifetime experience! Dont you feel excited just like how im all joyed up right now? hehe
Whatever it is please be noted that to those who wish to visit Cebu, all around here are covered by its own unique nature. Therefore, for those nature lovers, feel free to plan your bucket list to Cebu! Why am i mentioning on bucket list? come on guys its Filipina! and guess what their currency is Peso, and that also means its circling around your budget as Peso's value always at the low rank!manila-7

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